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Wow, what an exciting time it is around here! I want to start this post expressing my deepest gratitude for all of the love and support for our studio's new name, Lauren Waldorf Interiors. It felt like such a big leap after being Amen Design Co. for almost twelve years, and truth be told, it was a little scary.

Over the last year, it became evident that what we want to offer the design community was expanding and as we continued to dive into that, I felt a deep desire to honor my family name and to carry it on as we continue to move forward in the industry. My grandfathers and great-grandfathers were craftsman and hardworking farmers, making shaker furniture and boats, with a strong connection to land, sea and surroundings. My mother and grandmothers all have incredible, unique senses of style, each one of them influencing my own. My father and namesake has always been my biggest fan and kindest supporter. Honoring this lineage felt right and I'm so looking forward to sharing how these people have inspired some of our most personal and exciting work.

Moving into the new year, we will of course continue to work with design clients on inspiring and beautiful projects, and we're looking forward to sharing more offerings we have in the works as our brand continues to expand in authenticity, creativity and soul.

I am so honored and grateful to be able carry this name forward and hope to hearten and inspire along the way. Thank you all for following along and supporting us with every step.

Cheers to bold moves and bright futures!


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