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BOOK REPORT | Restoration House

This week's book report comes from Lauren Mendenhall, our principle designer and photographed by Lacey Toney, who captured Restoration House by Kennesha Buycks so beautifully. Honestly, we could have photographed and talked about it so much that we'd be teetering on just plagiarizing the whole thing because it is THAT GOOD. Please, if you have not already gotten your copy, do it. Preferably from one of these books sellers.



Take away:

* I mean, just buy this book. That's my biggest take away. Kennesha captures so gracefully the whole idea of home, incidentally her insta-hashtag is #mywholehome. From the tactile to the intangible, she shows us how home is both of these things and so much more. All the bases are covered and in a gorgeously written, interactive way. This is a staple coffee table book and an amazing gift.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Kennesha for putting this out into the world. Happy reading, y'all!



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