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In the spirit of homeschooling craziness, we're all doing book reports now. Ok, they're design books and while we're definitely feeling a little stir crazy, we've been planning this series since before quarantine. Anyway, everyone loves a good coffee table book, but if you're anything like us (i.e. busy, easily distracted, only dreaming of the day we can sit down and crack open these beauties to really devour them), they may end up being, sadly, nothing more than a pretty thing amongst other pretty things, that aren't really fully appreciated.

What I'm trying to say is we're actually reading. And we're digging a little deeper than a pretty cover or catchy title to give you our biggest take aways, favorite quotes, and most compelling visuals.

This week, Casie is reporting on one of our favorite go-to's for neutral, versatile styling, This is Home : The Art of Simple Living by Natalie Walton.

Favorite Quote:

"We expect our homes to function in many ways today, we also want them to feel more human, more us."

- Ilse Crawford

p. 18:

p. 118:

p. 235:

Take Away:

* Expensive pieces are not always necessary to make your home beautiful- find what you love, simplify it, and style it in your home that best fits your aesthetic.

We've linked this fabulous book above from Amazon, but as always, and especially now, we encourage you to first check with local book sellers to purchase.

Happy reading!


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