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After the hazy fog of sweaty masks, failed attempts at educating my children, and societal + professional frustrations both important and relatively non-important, I can truly say I think my mind has blacked out most of last summer. It just felt like a covid meltdown of brain fog and what I can say now is that I. AM. READY. for summer. Real summer. Probably won't be all I'm expecting it to be...I know (based on my last post) that professionally speaking, we're not really even close to being 100% normal, but listen, a vaxxed girl can dream.

I'll be honest, just going to my kids swim team at the neighborhood pool feels strange and exotic. And as you can see by this season's summer faves, I'm all about the escape. For some reason, it's got a particularly Italian bent, which just feels like a real summer vibe to me. Juicy wines, sunkissed orange tones, and just an overall intention and allowance for simple daily indulgences is just what I need this summer. Maybe you do too!

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Let's raise a vintage glass to thawing out, hanging out, going on adventures, and loving every second of it. Cheers to summer!



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