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Lauren Waldorf x 1889 Wax Lighting : A Candle Story

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating your favorite candle scent? I can’t speak for everyone’s creative process, but I know that for most scent designers and candle makers, you’re talking lots of essential oil combinations, formulas, ratios and picking out the perfect vessel.

Hands placing the wick in the candle vessel before wax is poured

Of course that’s part of the process, but before the nitty-gritty of formulas and fancy oils, was a simple dream to create a collection of scents that could carry you through the day. It was more about a feeling than a specific fragrance. I wanted to create a collection that started out bright, mellowed out in the middle, and got warm and a little dark at the end. This idea was bouncing around my mind for about a year before meeting our friends John and Tanner of 1889 Wax Lighting, at High Point Market in 2019. Their candles filled Verellen’s showroom (one of our faves) with the most beautiful notes of eucalyptus and peppermint and after a few casual hours of conversation about everything from their move to Montana to the connection with the furniture industry and everything in between, we knew this was the match we were looking for.

Lauren, Tanner, and John standing around the candle vessels talking.

About a year more of development, in the middle of COVID when people were spending the most time at home, our Toujours collection of candles was born. And I like to think these candles brought a little more every day luxury to being stuck at home for months on end. Funny how it worked out.

John pouring wax into the empty candle vessels.

Shortly after, I knew I wanted to launch two more signature scents available in large luxury vessels, that really spoke to our brand and became identifiable with LWI. Ten-ish samples later, Soul + Sunday made their debut and are some of my all time favorites to this day.

Stacked terracotta candle vessels.

And now, with the holidays just around the corner (ok, basically here!), and a newly launched collection of found + fine goods at Shop Domestics, we knew we wanted to create our sixth scent. We were after something warm, nostalgic and earthy; something that can carry through the winter season, not just the holidays. So Lacey and I packed our bags and boots and headed out west in search of the perfect winter scent. 1889 did not disappoint.

A collection of photos of Lauren, John and Tanner creating the candles.

Spending time at their shop, learning more about their process, heart for their beautiful product, and a little time with their shop chicks was worth the trip and we can’t wait to share the gorgeous new scent we created for the season.

We are so excited to announce our winter candle, Halcyon (adj: denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful), coming to the shop soon! Stay tuned.

Lauren Signature


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