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Mother’s Day Q+A

We're celebrating all of the mamas this weekend and thought we'd chat motherhood with two of LWI very own rockstar moms, Lacey and Jessie. They both have one-year-old sons, Finnan and Ward.

Lacey's been with LWI for so many years I think I've lost count! She started as an intern, went to work for another stellar small biz here in Charleston, and then came back to be the world's best creative assistant. After having her cutie pie little Finnan, she took on a new role of media coordinator and has been absolutely killing it with social media, content creation and all of our in-house photography. This lady's talent and ability knows no end, so it's no surprise to anyone that she's crushing the mom game too.

Jessie's been with LWI for a little less than a year as our team's first junior designer, but she started as an intern too, right before 2020 rocked the world and made this industry feel like a funny farm. She went on to do design work for a local builder and for one of our favorite local retailers. Of course she brings amazing style to the mix, followed closely by the sharpest sense of humor and best "would you rathers" to keep our team thinking on our toes! Her eye for detail and cohesiveness is unparalleled and when I say her son Ward's first birthday party was better than my wedding rehearsal dinner, I am not kidding. Ward is one lucky little boy!

Here's a fun little Q+A with these sweet mamas!

What’s been the most surprising thing about motherhood?

L: Everyone says how fast time goes by and to enjoy every minutes but I don’t think you really realize the gravity of it until you’re in it. I can’t believe we just marked a year of Finnan being here, it kind of blows my mind. Truly the saying, “the days are long but the years are fast” is so true and also so sad. I’m surprised by how fast he’s grown and and much he’s changed in just a year and I know it’s only going to continue even faster!

J: I am shocked at the ability to survive, function, and coordinate so many moving parts on such little sleep. 

What’s the most fun part of motherhood?

L: Every new little thing learned is so fun. Whenever he discovers something new or learns how to do something and is so proud brings so much joy to me! Also, dressing him is pretty dang fun. 

J: I love watching my son do activities he enjoys, and interacting with friends and family. Watching his little personality develop and seeing his relationships with others grow is so fun and sweet! 

Who has been your biggest motherhood cheerleader/influence?

L: Both my mom and my mother in law are incredible. They are the best grandmothers but also the best moms who encourage, help out, praise, and give the best advice. I’m so blessed to have two amazing women who are huge influences in my journey as a mom

J: There are five or six families that live within a few blocks of house who all have very young children - some were even born within a week or two of our son! I was somehow lucky enough to fall into this incredible community. We don’t have family here, so these families have become such a huge and vital part of our village. I definitely owe the majority of my sanity and success as a mother to that incredible group of moms. 

What’s on your Mother’s Day wishlist?

L: Maybe a facial and a nail salon appointment lol. Mama needs that morning of pampering every once in a while. I also just discovered EightyEight bags and I’m very into them. 

J: I’d love a nice bouquet of flowers and a new fragrance, or maybe a new pair of shoes for tennis.

Hoping all the mamas feel so loved + celebrated this weekend!



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