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Prepping the Powder Room

With Halloween officially under our belts and welcoming November, it's about that time when our houses might feel more full than the rest of the year. Whether you're hosting parties, small gatherings, or have overnight house guests, it always feels like there's a lot to be done. And while I don't want to add one more thing to that to-do list, I do want to help you with this one little space that's actually so easy to level up: your powder room (or half-bath as I guess most people call it, I remember one time I said something about "powder room" to a client and she giggled and said "so Victorian."). A few little touches in here can take it up a notch and make your guests feel pampered and at home.

And some more good news: we've got the shop stocked with everything you need!

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Starting with the soaps! Wether you're into the fancy bars or a sleek liquid soap, we've got you covered. And I'll be honest, these soap dishes are so pretty, you could double them up as a little catch-all jewelry tray too.

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Don't forget to dry those hands in style too. These are some of our favorite Ethiopian cotton hand towels fit for versatile color situations and ethically sourced and support fair trade for artisans.

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I'm sure you saw this one coming, and I don't need to say much here. Keep it smelling amazing and aglow.

And last is my absolute favorite Abundance woven leather basket. This is great for extra TP rolls, hand towels, even cleaning supplies if you need somewhere cute to stash.

Here's to keeping it fab + fresh!


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