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PROJECT REVEAL | Windermere Cottage

Y'all this is a serious before and after. In all fairness, I have to tell you that the house was not quite it is in these before pics. Our clients had purchased this adorable Windermere Cottage after previous owners had embarked on the massive task of toning it WAY down, but didn't get very far and sold the house before ever moving in.

Anyway. I feel like you don't need a lot of chit-chat from me. The pictures really say it all. Get ready...

Let's start in the kitchen. I's a lot.

Toned it way, way down in the best way.

Onto the living room. There is a part of me who is like "whoever's house this was might be reading this and I don't want to hurt their feelings." But there is also a part my feelings is hurt by this room.

Goodbye canary yellow, wedding dress sofa and rugs on rugs on rugs.

We wanted a coastal vibe, but let's be honest, I'm always thinking about how a house will feel as the seasons progress. Will it feel as great and authentic in the summer as it will with a Christmas tree up? We finished this install right before the holidays and the answer was yes!

Ok, let's take a little look in one of the bathrooms. Truth be told, I'm not 100% mad at this wall tile, but it is very cotton candy and a little too whimsical for the coastal chic vibe we were creating here. Not to mention everything else had to go, so salvaging would have been tough.

Kept in line with the age of the house using vintage enamel lighting and added lots of soft textural interest in the mirror and wallpaper.

I love that it feels sweet but not so sweet it could give you a cavity!

Moving into the office. We wanted it to feel soft and feminine for this work-from-home mom, and you guessed it, tone it way, way down. Here's where it started...

I don't even know.

Goodbye red. Hello breath of fresh air.

Want to go out side? Started like this...

Now like this. A lot more livable, I think.

Ok, I've saved the best for last. Drum roll please....

This mercury-poisoned salmon room was once some kind of living room.

Now it's one of the most gorgeous primary bedroom!

And how cute is their Aussiedoodle, Scout? We always love a photo-bombing pup!

Hope you enjoyed this project! Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more of the lastest!


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