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Ok, before kicking this series off, I want to acknowledge that in light of what some people are going through, this "guide" is super dumb. Our AD co. team is so fortunate to be hunkering down in homes that are safe and full of everything we need. Our loved ones are healthy and we are still busy with work. So when I say "survival" please know that I'm not trying to make light of anyone else's experience truly trying to survive or helping others literally survive this thing as well.

That being said, here are some things I'm thankful for during these #wfh days.

01. Slippers I've had since Christmas (mine are a little whiter than this, but still Lou & Grey) and they've pretty much been on my feet for four weeks.

02. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Golden Latte Mix...sounds weird, kind of is, but this is definitely the time for anti-inflamitory and if you're into earthy drinks like matcha, this is a must try.

03. In Five Years by Rebecca Serle tackles love and grief in an easy, enjoyable to read way. I listened to it on Audible after giving up on a few others in it's genre because of stiff, downright bad narration. Not so with this one. Loved every minute of it.

04. My "daytime pajamas," you might call them. A set makes me feel like I've actually gotten dressed, which I have all but given up on.

05. The Saturday Skin Kit is great when everyday and no day feels like Saturday. Your skin doesn't know what day it is and neither do you.

And my final reminder:

Actually, I do have to do some things; clients are still counting on us, and my family of course, counts on a lot. But to me this means I don't have to see this as some kind of magic hustle time which I naturally tend towards. It's ok to maintain working hours as best as we can and find rest + pockets of peace and joy where they pop up in these unusual times.

Stay well + safe, y'all!


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