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In these weird days, we're spending more time with our tech than ever before. Driving projects digitally, counting on podcasts + Netflix to get us through the day, countless Zoom calls. We're so fortunate to be able to leverage our technology to stay connected and keep going as best we can. As we count on our devices to keep us in sync, we're sharing some digital spring cleaning tips to keep creative, color-coded and sane, from our organization maven aka design assistant + in-house photographer, Lacey Toney.

Refresh Your Pinterest :

Go through a few of your favorite boards on Pinterest. Go ahead and delete those pins that don't evoke any kind of emotion, that don't bring you immediate inspiration! Do a couple rounds of deleting in bed before you head to sleep or while you're sitting with your morning coffee in your favorite chair - realign that creative side of your brain and remind yourself of what aesthetically inspires you!

Organize Your Home Screen :

How many times do you open your phone in a day? A lot, I'm sure, so why not have it clean and organized? Pick a neutral / non distracting background that will allow you to find the app you need quickly and efficiently. Organize all of your apps by category, most to least used or by color! While you are moving thee apps around to their new home, delete ones you don't use anymore!

Self Care Time Blocks :

Are you a Google calendar, iPhone calendar, or hand written agenda kinda gal? No matter which one you're into, make sure to add time blocks into your schedule that are dedicated for your mental health. Make time for a stroll down the street when the sun is shining, slap on a face mask for a few minutes while you stretch, open all the windows and turn the music up for a little jam sesh. Anything goes just make sure you make time for it!


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