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Top 3 Functional Design Elements

As we navigate the world of interior design, certain elements stand out not only for their aesthetic charm but also for the practical solutions they bring to the table (literally). At the end of the day, a beautiful space that doesn't function well is still a missed mark, so we're constantly building our arsenal of clever hacks and tricks when it comes to practical design. Here are three functional faves:

Decorative Trays

Decorative trays have become one of my favorite accessories, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetic in our living spaces. These versatile gems corral the everyday essentials, from remote controls to favorite reads; kitchen gadgets and even bottles of wine. They eliminate a cluttered look by offering containment and an easy way to move things around with ease.

Whether it's a rustic wooden tray adding warmth to a cozy living room or a sleek lacquered tray bringing a modern edge to a minimalist space, these trays serve as a canvas for creative arrangement. With the power to effortlessly organize and elevate, trays prove that even the smallest details can leave a lasting impact on the overall feel of your home.

Art Lights

Incorporating art and picture lights into our design projects is one of my favorite ways to marry practicality and beauty. Obviously, we love this to spotlight a cherished piece of art or photography, but we also appreciate their ability to cast that lower level light in a space in a controlled, balanced way. They're also an exquisite design statement in their own right. Through this thoughtful fusion of functionality and beauty, we celebrate the transformative role that art lights play in crafting spaces that truly resonate with both purpose and elegance.

Frame TVs

A Frame TV is an absolute must for any space requiring screen entertainment. I can't tell you how many times people walk into a project and ask where the TV is, when they're looking right at it. With adjustable, low backlight and flush screens, these innovative devices serve as captivating design elements that effortlessly switch between TV mode and art mode. No one wants to stare at a big black abyss that is turned off TV, especially being that they're almost always the focal point of a space. My favorite part? Being able to change the art!

Why pick between functionality and beautiful design when you can have both?!


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